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Clients have contacted me with just an idea of an online store that they would like to set up. We have built it from scratch.

Actions taken:
Branding (visual identity, market approach, personality and language, etc.)
Design and implementation of a website with ecommerce platform with +400 products,
Teaching client how to use the systems,
Designing and creating various promotional and utility materials (including physical items),
Configuring and connecting Social Media accounts,
Creating initial marketing strategy (applying Growth Hacking techniques),
Connecting and setting up email and newsletter service,
Setting up paid campaigns,
Testing and adjusting whole infrastructure.

The biggest problem encountered turned out to be changes in the quantity of products to be sold. The initially determined number (100-200) turned out to be several times higher already after we’ve configured the platform. This forced us to rebuild the store, change the product filtration system and undertake additional optimization.

The store currently sells hundreds of products having +10K Instagram followers.